Four - Exhibition
The best way for a gallery to find good `new artists` is via other artist.
Our favourite ceramicist, Claudia Rankin, told us to look at the paintings of Jason Thompson on instagram.  We loved his work, contacted him immediately and subsequently showed the paintings at the London Art Fair with great success.  His 2018 one-person show at our gallery was received incredibly well by collectors who love his fairground-meets-Russian icons creations. Jason introduced us to the work of Penny Davenport who has recently produced a series of lyrical abstract paintings on panels which we are proud to show for the first time.
Fionna Murray is an old friend of Jasjon`s from art school who exhibits with Emma Hill at the Eagle Gallery and whose haiku-like paintings we hugely admire. And Penny recommended the fourth artist in our group, Chiz Turnross, who, like her and Jason, lives and works in Liverpool.
His intense imp-inhabited, jewel-like creations are a glimpse into another world that in some way reflects our own.

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